11 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

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Blogging is one of the easiest and best source to make money online. Interestingly, it is unclear why many are unable to be successful in making money online, despite clear step-by-step guidance are available to create abundant wealth using a proven earning systems on internet. (Try ClickBank University if you are serious about doing something online)

From 11 years of blogging experience, I have shortlisted the top 11 reasons why most bloggers fail to make a substantial income online. There could be many other reasons beyond the ones listed below, however, I have found these to be primary reasons for bloggers failure in creating wealth through blogging.

1. Clueless About Blogging

Many beginners fall into blogging with the actual dream of making an earning for their living and beyond. Beginners start to blog with little or no knowledge about what blogging is which is obvious. However, it takes quite a long time, sometimes even years for a blogger to understand and apply the real formula to make money online, either through blogging or by other online means.

My strong advice is to spend some time in learning how the online money making system works and then step into blogging. Yes, making money online is easy but only after understanding the concepts of the money making. Investing some time in learning before beginning the journey of blogging will not only save your TIME and your money as well.

2. Not Choosing the Right Blog Niche

It’s common for amateur bloggers to choose the wrong keywords when they begin with blogging. They do it either without knowing the basics of blogging or they just ignore it thinking niche is not as important as your content.

Finally, it all ends up with no expected results in terms of money or traffic to their blog. Though they would have enjoyed writing contents for their blog, blogs without a focus keyword or niche fail overall. What a waste of time.

To prevent that from happening to yourself, pick the right niche from the very beginning or switch over to a better niche right away. Don’t waste your time and effort on something you’re not passionate about!

3. Blogging Without Defining Your Target Audience

You cannot write “one content” to attract each and everyone in this world. Many bloggers fail here either by not knowing who their audiences are or bloggers write with an impression that their blog should attract everyone on internet.

To be successful, you must narrow down your topic considering many parameters. Male or female? Whom are you writing content for. Entrepreneurs or job-seekers, who is your audience? To which age group your subject will attract? Many such and more other points must be kept in mind while writing your blog.

Do not write your blog and then search for the audience. The right way is to choose your audience first and write for them.

4. You’re Only In It For the Money

Honestly, almost everyone stay on blogging platform to make money, however, do not write with a focus to just earn money. If you do so, you may fail not only to earn money to but earn the readers confidence as well. Your content must help the readers and people to share it to their benefit. Any content without value in it is not worth to give money in exchange of it.

Although you choose a good niche to focus on, it must be valuable to the readers to do something about the topic. When you know you’re doing it for the money, don’t be surprised that your readers will know that as well, finally, it will end-up nowhere.

It doesn’t mean you’re not a good blogger. It just means you might not be in it for the right reasons. Money is all about exchanging values. Exchange something in return for the money that you would like to earn.

My advice through experience is – please don’t get into blogging for the money. Do it for the right reasons and you will get to know how to monetize it more than what you may have expected from it.

5. Not learning about SEO

Blogger’s success lies on the amount of traffic it receives. The SEO of your blog will determine whether or not your blog or your posts will be found on search engines like Google. Undoubtfully, many amateur bloggers are not aware of the fact about SEO. At times, they don’t know how to properly implement it or fail to implement it at all. However good your content is, if it doesn’t receive good amount of traffic, all your time and energy put into blogging will go for waste. But don’t lose hope, SEO is not a rocket science however, it needs passion and patience.

Learning proper SEO techniques will help you find and use the correct niche/keywords for your posts and maximize your organic blog traffic.

Do your keyword research and spend little extra time on your on-page and off-page SEO implementation to get yourself ranked high in Google.

6. Not Investing Money into Blogs

Amateur bloggers are hesitant to invest any money into their blogs because they don’t want to put money into something that’s not making them money right fast.

But the truth is, you have to spend money to make money. If you want to eventually turn your blog into an online business, you have to treat it like one. That includes investing money in the proper blogging tools that will you earn even more in the long run. This is how successful bloggers turned their ordinary blogs into successes.

Don’t be scared to spend some money if you are serious about making money. Successful bloggers have dared to do it to make recurring money online.

7. Not Decided About Your Source of Income

Not just beginners, even the moderate level of bloggers are not focused on their source of income through their blogging. What if I focus on multiple sources of income? It may sound good, however, you can always earn more money and consistent income if you could focus on a few or at times, even just one source of income through your blogs.

This is because, the style of writing and addressing through your content will vary based on what you are focusing on. If your blog is to sell something – the style of content won’t be the same as the content to teach something to your readers.

Your blogging pattern will differ based on what you want from the visitors. So, I would advise you to be sure about the way you would like to make money and then start blogging with the right niche to move on.

8. You Fear to Write Your Opinion

If you have something to say from your experience and from your heart or mind, just say it out. Don’t hold back with your opinion thinking it may be wrong. There are many reasons to hold back your opinion while expressing your views.

Blogger may be in a dilemma about what is being said is write or wrong. Others may be concerned about their language. Language plays a vital role in blogging though, it is good enough to make your visitors understand about what you are conveying in a better way. Don’t fear about your language as long as you have the confidence to make your readers understand what you are saying.

Even the best opinion in the world will have thousands of criticisms. The best written piece of language may not be understood by millions. Never hold back to express your views.

9. Not Posting Consistently

Creating a successful blog requires hard work and dedication. It shows your effort if you maintain the consistency in blogging. Publishing regular posts on your blog is really good not only for SEO but for your readers as well. Once you choose a niche and begin to blog, your readers will wait for your posts regularly to learn from you and to know your opinion.

If you are irregular in publishing posts, it may affect your blog’s ranking as well. It doesn’t mean that you have to be there on a daily basis but be sure you are connected with your readers on a regular basis. If you are regular, your visitors love it and search engines love that too.

There is a myth among amateurs that you need to write daily on your blog. Not necessary. Instead make a steady pattern which could be once every week or every fifteen days you are connected to your readers via your blog.

10. Spamming Their Blogs with Too Many Ads

Yes, Google Adsense and other Ad partnerships are an excellent way to earn some extra income, but spamming your site with them will have a negative impact on your blog. It’s just not worth it.

You might increase the chances of ad clicks by placing your ads in more places but you’ll also highly increase the risk of your readers never coming back to your site again. People (including yourself) dislike ads which is why they use ad-blockers on their browsers.

It just doesn’t make sense to lose readers just to gain an extra 50 cents at the end of the day. Ramsay from Blog Tyrant even says don’t put ads on your blog at all.

Try to keep ads to a minimum and don’t shove it in your readers’ faces. Your readers will appreciate it.

11. Don’t Know How To Make Money Online Fast and Easy

A number of bloggers think it is easy to make money but fail at some point to achieve their dream. On the other side, many bloggers think it is too difficult to earn through their blogs and because of such assumption, they complicate things. Certain good blogs are not well monetized due to lack of knowledge of the blogger in monetization part. However, understanding the online world requires a bit of guidance through experience.

If you are really serious about making money, you have to visit ClickBank University

Never be afraid to try new things online. But before doing something it is better to learn it either by spending your time or money. Remember, the thumb rule of online money making is, “spend some money to make more money”.



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