Who am I?

If you want to know more about me, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how I have managed to grow my business to where I am today.

My Journey

I have started blogging to make income through AdSense in 2006. Later, blogging has become my passion but that doesn’t end there. It lead me to various concepts, businesses, ideas, new ventures, etc. There were lots of failures than success during my journey in blogging in terms of making money. AdSense was giving me good income though that wasn’t enough for me who has loads of experience in online concepts. It was affiliate marketing that gave me the boost I was expecting for a long time, to make money.

Later affiliate marketing had multiple other challenges in its market. However, my experiences and failures taught me how to overcome the market challenges to grow as a (successful) affiliate marketer. Daily income methods, monthly income methods, regular income methods, passive income methods – I have tried everything. Now, I am here to share my experiences, knowledge and ideas that comes out of my experience to other online starters. Who knows, many of my tips might definitely help the experts as well. It is all about helping each other.