How to Create a Blog for Beginners? Just 10 Simple Steps to Create Your First Blog!

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How to create a blog? Blogging is one of the hottest ways to make money online. If you are a beginner, first you must understand everything about blog and blogging in detail. Here, I am not going to put things in a very technical perspective, instead, writing all the steps and tricks in blogging in a very practical way that newbies can understand and start their own blog to make money.

What is a blog? It is just a term combined by two words – web+log = blog. Now, let us not go much into detail about how this name has arrived. Just know the difference between a website and a blog.

Website vs Blog: For example, if you are having a company and want have your online identity, you will have a website like, ““. This website will contain a few or more pages about your business like, “Products”, “Services”, “About Us”, “Contact Us”, etc. Based on your business type, you will have more or less pages into your website.

Example for a blog is ““, here you won’t just have few pages like “About Us” “Contact Us”, etc. Instead, you will share your daily experiences regularly. You will keep writing about what you do, where did you go, what you like, etc on a regular basis. What you write on your blog completely depends on what blog are you running.

On I write my experience in blogging and give out tips, tricks, opinions, suggestions etc. about blogging. It is a blogging site.

How to Create a Blog?

If you have got an idea about what a blog is, let us move to the next step of how to create a blog. First, let us see how to start a blog for free. I would advice you to start a free blog but after learning the basics, move to a professional blog site to really make money online.

Create a blog for free: Go to and sign in using your gmail ID. is owned by Google, so you can create your blog using your existing gmail. If you wish to have a separate e-mail to run your blog, you can use a different gmail to create and manage your blog. Let us follow this tutorial assuming that I’m creating a fashion blog.

Step 1: Click on “Create Your Blog“. Use your gmail and password to login.

Step 1

Step 2: Give a title to your blog. Decide what your blog is all about and choose a title accordingly. Here I have written “My Fashion Tips“. If you want to, you can change the title later after completing your initial setup tasks, or later as well. (In most of the cases, this will be your keyword, which is used to find your blog by readers while searching on google.) After giving your title, click next.

How to Create a Blog?
Step 2

Step 3: Choose URL for your blog. Pay more attention while choosing your URL. This is going to be your web (blog) address. Here I have chosen, “hotfashionguru” and now my blog URL will be ““. Please note that you can’t change this later. Choose a URL something meaningful and easy to remember.

Make Money Through Blogging
Step 3

Step 4: How do you want your name displayed to readers of your blog? Give a display name to your readers.

Tips to do Blogging in India
Step 4

Step 5: On screen, there will be terms & conditions or notices displayed. Close them and your blog is now ready. On a new browser window, if you type your URL or website address ( you will find your blog. It will show empty, because you haven’t started to write anything on your blog.

How to Create a Blog?
Step 5

Step 6: Now you start writing your posts. To create a new post, click on the top left corner of the dashborad.

Step 6 (A view of your blog)

Step 7: Give an attractive and appropriate title for each of your posts and start writing your blog. On the content part, you can do all changes in formatting – colors, bold, adding images, linking other sites of your choice, etc. Explore it and make yourself easy to blog your ideas.

How to Write a Post on a Blog?
Step 7

Step 8: Once you have created your first post, “Preview” it to see how it looks to your readers. After a confirmation, go ahead and click on “Publish“. You are done, your first post on your blog is live now. Anytime you want, you can always edit your posts from your dashboard.

How to Write a New Post on Blog?
Step 8

Step 9: On the left side of your blog’s dashboard, you have many options to decorate the way your blog looks. You can see posts, statistics of your blog, view comments, see your earnings (this will be discussed in detail below), choose a layout of your choice and interest, choose a theme; there are 100s of free themes available, go to settings to personalize your blog.

How to Review and Publish a Post?
Step 9

Step 10: Share your blog with your friends and social circle through whatever means possible to you. The more you popularize your blog the more you can find possibility to earn money.

Blogging Tips for Beginners
Step 10

With these above steps a blog creation is over. You can now login to your blog and start writing posts (articles) and publish them. It will appear on your blog post. You can share your blog URL ( – “yourname” represents your custom name chosen by you on “Step 3“) with your friends and social contacts.

This is very basic type of blogging. If you want to have your own domain name, you will have to go to the next level of making your blog. Instead of having as your domain name, you can have your domain name as,

Blogging is one of the perfect ways to make money online. Methods used to earn money through blogs are – AdSense, Affiliate Programs, Selling Products or Services, etc.

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