How to Promote Your YouTube Channel to Get Maximum Video Views & More Subscribers

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How to promote YouTube channel? Do you know that YouTube is #1 video search engine in the world? YouTube has recently gone to top pushing Facebook behind as the second most visited site on the web.

On a daily basis a person is spending about 6 hours a day on social media and mostly in video formats. So, in today’s age YouTube has become one of the most used web or app for many reasons and not just for entertainment.

YouTube creators or channel owners are growing more in numbers day-by-day. The competition to grow your channel is growing higher as well. Though there are billion and trillion of people watching YouTube videos, certain videos will not have expected views or subscribers to their channels.

If you don’t have enough time to spend on promotional activities, TubeBuddy is one of the best tool now to gain more number of views and subscribers to your YouTube channel. Otherwise, make sure you follow these 15 golden rules if you are starting or already running a YouTube channel to get more views, likes and subscribers.

1. Write Attractive & Must See Titles

YouTube titles that you give plays a vital role in attracting visitors to your videos. While you try to give attractive titles, please never use fake or false titles which may be inappropriate to your video content.

The title should be “attractive” and at the same time it should be a “keyword included title” as well. Your title should include a keyword of your content. For example, if you are running a cooking channel and your videos is about making pizza. You will have to search for keywords that people are using to search to find pizza making ideas. Use an appropriate tool to find a best keyword and include that in your title. In this case, your title could be “3 Minutes Tutorial on How to Make Pizza Instantly“.

Instead of giving a title as “How to Make Pizza”, the above title will be more attractive and also a keyword included title. These type of titles will show up in search results on YouTube and will get you more views to your videos and subscribers to your channel.

2. Focus on YouTube SEO

If you are using TubeBuddy for YouTube, it will take care of most of your SEO related tasks. Most of us will be aware of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Anything on web must be optimized to show up on top of the search results for the viewers.

You must optimize your videos for the web to pull it out for the requested results. If you search for anything on Google, you can notice many times a video result will show up on the search results page. Such videos are well optimized for search engines.

Like how a blog or websites is optimized for search results with keywords, tags and so on, YouTube videos must have such optimization for each and every video to show up in the search results.

Ensure the following practices on all your videos to optimize them:

  • Titles and Description: Include target keywords in your title and description of the video.
  • Keywords in Your Video: Speak out the keyword in your video, so that viewers will understand they are watching the right video.
  • Likes, Comments & Views: The more likes and comment for your videos, the more views will follow.
  • Better Category: Use better category to make it appropriate.
  • Appropriate Tags: Make sure you give appropriate tags and not just popular tags. Let the tags speak about your video.

3. Know What Your Audience Wants

One of the success line to become successful in anything you do is, “follow your passion”. However, you should also make sure what the audience wants from what you do. From whatever video you produce, audience must take something from it for their benefit.

How YouTube channels are promoted is only by producing what audience wants. Take a look at your competitors and other YouTube creators and do a short research of what their audience wants from them. Now, you create an answer (video) to help the audience. This will give you an idea of what topics your audience wants to learn about.

If you have already uploaded videos, you will have to look at the analytics of previously uploaded videos to have a better understanding of who your audiences are and what do they really want from you. Collect detailed information about audience age group, location, gender and other helpful stats.

4. Keep Your YouTube Community Engaged

Very similar to how you reply to your followers on social media, YouTube is no different. Show your love and concern to your commentators by replying them with answers and reactions.

Not every commentator is your subscriber, however, chances are quite high if you take care of them with your reply, they will turn as subscribers. If you keep replying them with concern and with genuine answers, they will love your videos.

Important thing to note while replying to your commentator is to be honest with your reply. Say “No” in place of no and “Yes” in place of yes. You don’t have to show yourself as a genius in front of your commentator. Rather, you can give your opinion to them or can bring answer to them in your subsequent videos by doing some research to answer them (if it is worth doing it).

Show your love and care to have them engaged with your channel.

5. Create / Customize Attractive Thumbnails

One of the important aspect to pay attention to is – your video thumbnails. Customize it effectively and make it attractive. Again, as said earlier about the video title, please do not mislead your visitors by posting any inappropriate thumbnails. Try to minimize the text on thumbnail and say more with images.

While you upload a video, YouTube will pick few thumbnails by default and will ask you to choose one among them. However, creating your own thumbnail would be effective.

While making a YouTube thumbnail image, keep in mind the image has a glimpse of the content of the video you have uploaded. Among other factors, “title and thumbnail” are two important factors to pay attention by the creators in order to attract visitors.

6. Cross-Post Your Videos on YouTube

Cross-posting is one of the best ways to retain your visitors in your channel. Let them know in your video that you have provided a link to your another video in the description for a topic that you are covering up.

For example, if your video talks about “how to choose baby cosmetics“, you can also leave a link of your previous video if have one on “best clothing ideas for your baby” or anything that relates to your current topic or something you talk about.

On the other hand, if you have multiple YouTube channels of your own, cross post your videos between your channels. This can be done at the end-card option given by YouTube. Post a video end-card of a video on the other video on a different channel. This will increase views and subscribers count on your non-performing YouTube channel.

7. Target SERPs

While you follow your passion and produce videos, keep in mind about SEO as well. Follow the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to pick your content and to do better SEO for your video.

Find out what keywords bring what results to a particular subject. Use those algorithms to create your videos and optimize them as well.

As said earlier, YouTube optimization not just works on YouTube platform but also on web pages and blogs. When you search for something on Google, there are relevant videos appear on the search results.

So, give your focus on optimizing your videos so as to appear on search results page of Google and other search engines.

8. Run a Contest on Your Channel

Apart from technical perspective a logical way to bring in more subscribers and retain them with your channel is by conducting contests and announcing giveaways.

Before you choose to announce a contest or giveaway, have a study on your analytics to know about your audiences. Make your contest more appropriate and interesting to your audience. This can be decided by knowing who your audiences are by knowing them in detail from the analytics.

Ask them to leave a like, comment or subscribe to your channel to be able to participate in your contest. In addition, announce giveaways during occasions. Be sure you follow YouTube’s policies while you do these.

On a safer side, have contests or announce freebies and see if that really works for your channel. If you really find it worth, you can get an idea from it and can proceed accordingly. Otherwise, you should not waste your time, money and effort in giving out freebies.

9. Do Video Embedding on Websites

A less known YouTube promotional method is embedding your videos on websites. This gives more SEO value to your videos and advantage getting direct views from websites for relevant topics.

There are many websites having YouTube videos embedded on their site to give more information to their topic. If your videos are more informative and stands clear on your topic, there care chances many bloggers will have your videos in their blog posts. Especially, if your videos are explanatory videos, many websites will have your videos embedded.

If you don’t have a blog or site of your own, do not worry. Either some or other blogger will embed your videos by themselves or you can write to blog owners to have your videos in their site.

10. Create Playlists and Organize Your Contents

The more number of videos you have in your channel, the more confusing it would be to navigate and find a relevant video of choice by your viewers. Grouping your video as playlists not only organize your videos but will help a lot the viewers to jump into the topic.

For example, if you are having a beauty tips YouTube channel, it would be really difficult to get your video advice that would have advice on hair fall. Instead, if you have created specific playlist for “Hair, Skin, Health,” etc, it would be easy for a visitor to explore videos specifically for hair or skin or whatever she or he is searching for.

Having a playlist not only helps your visitors to get on to a particular video, but it also indicates your sincerity towards your subscribers or visitors. It is good to create playlists and organize your videos for the growth of your YouTube channel.

11. Ask Your Visitors to Engage with You

Ask your visitors to comment below with questions if any for your answer. You can also ask them to give their opinions about your content or video. Get comments from them on what they want next in your channel. Any of these little questions will make your visitors to highly engage with your videos and will add value to your content.

More engagement of your viewers will increase the viewership as well. In addition to bringing in more views and subscribers you will also gain ideas about making your next video. Many YouTube creators are lagging with ideas or contents to make frequent videos. Asking your visitors to engage with your videos with opinions and questions will give you a clear idea about what your viewers are expecting from you.

Once you make more videos based on your viewers opinion and questions, there are more chances of you to getting more shares by your viewers and subsequently it will increase your subscribers count.

12. Try Live Streaming

Many social media networks optioning live streaming facility on their platform, it has become a trend now to gain more attention towards live streaming.

Once in a while, live stream on your channel to have more and real-time engagement with your YouTube community. Going live on YouTube is easier than before. Make use of this option to connect with your subscribers.

Live streaming on your channel will help to retain your subscribers by creating a sense of attachment with them. Common example of going live are:

  • Live Tutorials
  • Question & Answer Sessions
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Webinars

13. Collaborate With Other Creators and Brands

One of the successful step towards gaining more subscribers to your channel is collaborating with other creators. As a method of innovation, there are YouTube creators who do collaboration with their viewers as well.

Each collaboration gives exposure to new audience. Collaborating with other creators and users will give you more subscribers to your channel.

However, it is more important to know whom you are associating with. You have to find the right partner or right brand to collaborate. It is more likely that you will get more new subscribers as you are collaborating with a creating whom they already know.

Collaboration is basically win-win for both the creators. Find someone with similar passion of yours to engage them in your YouTube channel.

14. Run a Paid YouTube Campaign

You can run a paid YouTube campaign to promote your videos, however, you need to understand well the criteria involved while running a paid ad campaign.

You can either use your existing videos to run skippable or non-skippable ads or can create new video only run your ad campaign. The advantage of using your existing videos is you are sure about the success ratio of the video you are choosing to run it for ads.

On the other hand, if you create special video for promotional purpose, you can be more specific and focused while creating the video for advertisement purpose. You can also decide on the video length while you are creating a specific video ad for the purpose of ad campaign.

There are multiple YouTube video formats available, choose the one that best suits your budget and need:

  • Display Ads: These ads will only show up on desktop on the right-hand side of the videos.
  • Overlay Ads: Overlay ads are semi-transparent ads displayed at the bottom of the video. This is shown only on desktop.
  • Skippable and Non-Skippable Ads: These ads are available on all devices. These videos are played before or during or at the end of the videos. Skippable video ads can be skipped after 5 seconds but non-skippable videos will play throughout.
  • Bumper Ads: These videos are non-skippable videos to be watched before the YouTube video starts.
  • Sponsored Cards: These are cards that are displayed within relevant videos. This option can be utilized to promote a product or other content.

15. Connect Regularly on Social Media

Needless to say that you must engage yourself on social media to let know your YouTube channel or your videos. Either you connect with your personal page or social profile or connect through other means on social media to promote your YouTube channel.

As you promote your videos through paid ad campaign, do make special videos or short videos to post them on social media as well.

Connect to social media regularly through whichever social media platform you could to promote your YouTube videos and your channel.

How To Promote YouTube Channel?

As a creator, if you are serious about making money from YouTube, you must consider using TubeBuddy. It has got every tool that you are in need to promote your videos on YouTube.

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TubeBuddy will do wonders to your video SEO and will increase your ranking. This will lead to increase in the number of subscribers to your channel and will bring significant development in your YouTube success.

Benefits of using TubeBuddy for your YouTube creation and promotional activities have many benefits:

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  • Many more tools and advantages

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